Secura 4 Liter XL Air Fryer Review

Health experts say that a healthy diet is actually more instrumental for weight loss than exercising. Though both aspects are important for a truly healthy lifestyle, changing up your food game should be quite easy with the modern appliances on hand today. Kitchen gadgets like the Secura 4-Liter Air Fryer is one investment that can have you on your way to losing weight and feeling healthier every single day! At the same time, you would also not feel deprived of your favorite foods.

The Secura 4 Liter is a bit smaller and lighter than the GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt. However, since it has less capacity by more than a whole quart, this is only to be expected. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper. If the GoWISE air fryer is suitable for a family of four, the Secura fryer could easily support a couple or family of three people.

With convenient and modern features, this air fryer is sure to solve a lot of problems when it comes to healthy cooking. Cooking at home is not the easiest of tasks, especially with a busy work schedule. Having one of these nifty gadgets on your kitchen countertop just might be the greatest gift you give yourself or a kitchen novice this year! It would cook your food in a safe, practical, and predominantly healthy method!

Both air fryers are excellent for low-calorie cooking since they use hot air circulated at a high speed to make your food crispy and delicious. As a result, you require little to absolutely no oil when cooking. Used in the right manner, this could result in a slimmer, fitter, healthier you!

Easy Cooking

It’s also super-easy to cook with this fryer. Its forgiving features include an auto shut-off which would turn the fryer completely off once the food is done. You could get caught up in your work without worrying about rushing over and turning your fryer off! This is somewhat similar to the GoWISE USA’s reminder facility, but it goes a step further.

Another great factor here is the control you have over the fryer’s temperature. There’s a wide temperature range that starts at 180 Fahrenheit and ends on a high 390 Fahrenheit. This gives you the ability to lightly roast some veggies, bake a cake or pizza, or turn it way up to get a crispy, fried texture.

Finally, this fryer comes equipped with a top grill, which ensures even heat distribution. This means that all your food is probably going to come out completely cooked all the way through and in an even manner. When you’re cooking, there’s always the fear of having a cake or pizza come out with a runny center or half-raw fries. Don’t take the risk with these favorites and get the Secura fryer to avoid all this.

Much like the GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt Air Fryer, it is highly recommended that you shake the basket or fryer halfway through the cooking cycle. This would prevent any food sticking to the sides or bottom and make for even, complete cooking with no soggy undersides. Both fryers in question are also very quiet as compared to other options on the market.


Versatile Inclusions

There’s a whole lot that comes with this air fryer other than just a basket and body. The GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt Air Fryer has just a basket and an inner pot for cooking purposes. However, the Secura fryer has the basket along with skewers and a toaster rack to boot. This means that you can cook a huge variety of items with this fryer that may not be available with any other.

Perhaps you feel like whipping up some kabobs to suit your Indian tastes? The skewers would come in very handy for providing that authentic taste without compromising on the healthy factor. Roasting some chicken thighs would also be a breeze with this option.

The large basket, furthermore, gives one the opportunity to cook for the whole family. If you have friends coming over, preparing snacks wouldn’t be a problem. Even the most health-conscious of them won’t go hungry since air-fried treats are virtually guilt-free!

Product Specifications

  • This item’s capacity is 4.2 quarts
  • This item’s dimensions are 14.8 by 12.4 by 13.1 inches
  • This item’s weight is 10.3 pounds
  • 1500 Watts
  • Includes recipes booklet, toaster rack and skewers
  • XL basket with 4-liter capacity
  • Cooking time is up to one hour
  • Auto-shutoff after food is cooked
  • Heating lights
  • Power indication lights
  • Cord measures 3 feet and 8 inches
  • Temperature control range is from 180°F to 390°F
  • 120V/1500W
  • Top grill for even cooking

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Not surprisingly, the Secura Air Fryer has quite a positive reception among its customers. There have been several reviews where customers have successfully used this fryer for many purposes. On the whole, the satisfaction level is quite high.

The fryer has been used not just for cooking but also for reheating, making for extra convenience form the same gadget. Quick and virtually oil-free home cooking has also proven to be effective and yields delicious results with the Secura.

Since the fryer carries a non-stick basket, some people have noticed a trivial smell of plastic while the cooking was in process. This doesn’t affect the taste of the food nor does the smell get into your dishes. However, some people may have some issues with the smell, so it’s best to be warned about it.

All in all, this Secura fryer is definitely worth the price. With the large capacity and so many accessories, there seem to be very few limits on what you can do with this gadget! Having fried and baked items in a relatively healthy manner might make all the difference in your healthy eating and weight loss journey. This air fryer is not just a simple purchase then; it’s an investment that would eventually pay for itself several times over.


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