Black and Decker Air Fryer Review

The satisfaction we get from eating fast, fried food is huge. We love it and we enjoy eating it, there are no doubts about it. However, we are aware of how unhealthy fried food is and about the negative impact, it has on our bodies and health. We should try to avoid this type of food as much as we can, and now we have found the right way.

With the Black and Decker Purify HF100WD Air Fryer, you can still enjoy eating your favorite fried food. The difference is that even fried, your food will be much healthier and with minimum fat. Probably you have already heard about the Black and Decker brand. They are famous for producing many different kitchen appliances, and this air fryer is one of them. Keep reading our Black and Decker Air Fryer review and learn more about its features and functionalities. We also have a few more options on our list of best air fryers, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, do give them a chance.

Black and Decker Air Fryer review

The Black and Decker HF100WD air fryer is one of the best Black and Decker air fryers. It is surely a revolutionary product that instead of big amounts of oil, uses convection-cooking technology for frying food. It comes up at a really affordable price, it has a good warranty and really good performance. You don’t get any additional accessories, however, this won’t be a big problem as it has great features on its own.


First, this Black and Decker air fryer has user-friendly controls.  Although it doesn’t have a touchscreen, it is very simple and intuitive to use. You can set different temperature and set a timer. The maximum temperature is 200 C, and you can adjust it when preparing different meals. It has two indicator lights, and each of them comes up with a different purpose. The first one tells you when the fryer is heating, and the second one when the preheat temperature has been reached.

This air fryer is relatively small, it can easily fit in your kitchen. Also, it comes up in two colors, black and white, giving you more style flexibility and choice.

Healthy food

The hype about this product is real and consumers have been really satisfied with the healthy fried food you can cook in it. It has a two-liter capacity, which should be enough for preparing a meal for a whole family, instead of a meal for only 2 people. All food fried in this Black and Becker air fryer is really delicious and have the crispiness of a deep-fried food. So you will be able to still enjoy French fries and other types of fried food by using this great air fryer.

Ease of use

This Black and Becker air fryer can be used really easy and intuitively. As mentioned previously, its overall design is user-friendly and you can have great control over the cooking process. Also, you will not have any problems with its cleaning and maintenance. Due to its basket’s nonstick, black-coated metal, there is almost no grease left on it. Therefore, you can clean its basket by giving minimum effort, or you can just clean it in your dishwasher.


black and decker air fryer reviews

The bottom line

The Black and Decker HF100WD air fryer which we reviewed in this Black and Decker Air Fryer review, has way more advantages than disadvantages. Your food will be cooked really fast, and the timer automatically shuts down when the timer reaches zero. It has a cool touch handle feature, and the handle remains cool even when you cook at 200 C. You have a large capacity cooking option, you can adjust the temperature and fry your favorite yet healthy food. The result might not be the same as when using a deep fryer, however, this is acceptable because we are speaking about fried but healthy food. Also, it can be quite loud, but we think that its benefits definitely overcome the few drawbacks of this Black and Decker air fryer.

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